Hiring is a fine art that goes beyond matching skills to duties. It is extremely important that your newest team member also fit in well with your environment and can get along with others on your staff. Values, personality, aptitude, and capability are all equally as important as the skills on the resume. So how do you know you’re hiring the best employees? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Are you putting your best foot forward? It is extremely difficult to attract the right candidates if your company is not desirable to them. A job posting that provides a simple list of duties is no longer the right way to invite a quality candidate to apply. Attracting superstars begins with the right social media interaction, selling your company culture, creating an environment that’s great to work in, and being a fixture in your community. All of the preliminary work won’t help if candidates feel uncomfortable in an interview. If you expect them to be professional and do their homework, they deserve the same treatment. Be on time for their interview, don’t be distracted, and know their resume and background before you begin speaking with them.
  • Don’t hire on the spot. No matter what a candidate says in the interview to make you an immediate believer, avoid offering anyone a job on the spot. Hiring is an investment and should never be a snap decision. Many companies will tell you that their experience with this has led to a negative working situation that cost more money than it saved. Judge everyone on your short list by the same criteria and discuss your choices with others in your office before making a job offer to your top candidates.
  • You get what you pay for.  Before you make an offer, research the rate for the position in your area and consider all of the necessary expenses that would make up a living wage. If your candidates have done their homework they will have a number in mind. If it comes down to a question of money your investment in top talent will be worth it in the long run.

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