It’s no secret that employees like to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. Rewarding employees is an excellent business practice that can engage them and encourage them to perform well on the job.  What are some rewards and incentives you can provide to your employees to keep them dedicated and motivated on the job?

  1. Gift Cards
    Investing in local restaurant or business gift cards is a great way to thank  team members  when they go above and beyond their daily tasks. You can purchase these in bulk or as part of a credit rewards program to decrease the overall cost. Keep them on hand to present to employees when they deserve an extra boost.
  2. Extra Time Off
    If you can spare the manpower without making other people pick up the slack, consider rewarding your team with additional days or half days off.   This will help recharge your employees and engage them on the days they are at work.
  3. Event Tickets
    Local sports teams and concert venues often partner with local businesses to provide free or discounted tickets that   you can offer as tokens of appreciation for an excellent job.
  4. Bonuses
    Additional cash is also always well received by employees. A little extra in their paycheck from time to time will be a strong motivator.

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