January is the traditional month to start new things, including initiatives to get healthier. All too often these goals are abandoned come February 1. However, with a little structure and a little encouragement, businesses and facilities can help their employees start a program and get healthier, and stay healthier, in the New Year.  Here are a few ways you can promote health programs in your office or building today.

  • Make it a Competition
    Organize weight loss challenges. By encouraging healthy competition among your employees everyone wins by losing the extra weight they want to eliminate. Have weekly weigh-ins so people can track their progress. Offer healthy incentives to encourage participation.
  • Help them Quit Smoking
     A smoke-free workplace and incentives to help smoking employees kick the habit will promote healthier lifestyles for everyone in your office and their families at home.
  • Access to Flu Shots
    If the flu takes a hold in your workplace it can mean significantly decreased productivity. Inviting an organization to come into your office and provide flu vaccinations can dramatically decrease the risk of a flu epidemic sweeping through your employees.  
  • Offer Ways to Increase the Affordability of Healthy Foods
    Some businesses are looking at ways to subsidize  healthy grocery bills for their employees. For example, you could purchase a membership at a local farmers’ market, or provide a discount card for healthy foods that can be used at the grocery store. Stock your break room with healthy options. 
  • In-House Health Screenings
    Often employees feel too busy to go to the doctor for regular check-ups and will only go when something is wrong. Preventative care is better for everyone. Offer a day of in-house health screenings that can give your employees a basic baseline for their cholesterol, blood sugar, risks for certain conditions, and more. 

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