It’s important to know what your travel company represents and their business goals. Every travel nurse has an idea of what’s most important for deciding what travel company to go with; money and the assignment being offered are obviously the two of the most crucial when it comes to this. But it goes deeper than that. Every travel company has the same ultimate goal – to fill as many available assignments with quality nurses as possible – but the way they go about it differs vastly. This month we wanted to go back to basics and talk about what Fortus Travel Healthcare Resources stands for and our goal in this tough industry. Fortus Travel isn’t a huge company, and every nurse currently out with us can attest that the attention they get while on assignment is different from what’s given from the largest travel companies. The biggest companies in the industry have so many nurses out it’s not a personal experience – it’s a numbers game. Our goal is to have every nurse out with us, whether we have 15 or 50 nurses out, feel like that they have a voice and when they care enough to use it, we hear and acknowledge it – even if it’s 4 a.m. on a Monday morning. As a base,

Fortus Travel always offers the following options to our travelers:

  • Individualized packages, not a “one pay fits all” scale. Don’t like tax-free money? Don’t take it. Want all that’s available? Go for it!
  •  If needed: flights, rental cars, and quality housing that would be no cost to you.
  • The option to enroll in Fortus’s own medical insurance. You get the same coverage that we who work in the office get, sometimes at an even lower price.

That isn’t all we do, either. Picture this: you’re setting up your own housing and something happens where it’s not what you envisioned, wanted, or needed. Your first reaction is going to be to call your recruiter. Well, most travel companies may be indifferent and you’d have to handle it on your own, but at Fortus Travel we’ll work with you to find you better housing, and if needed, help to close the gap in funding. As with any smaller company, every person finishing an assignment is important and that’s the ultimate goal. We need the best talent, the happiest travelers, and top notch clients in order to make this goal work. If you haven’t traveled with us before and are a little doubtful about us, see our post Need Something?  You can also click here to view our testimonials.

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