A New Year means different things to different people. Often in the professional world January brings a renewed sense of purpose and plan after the holidays. Have you considered your healthcare staffing plan for 2014?

You should consider all of the benefits of working with a specialized staffing service like Fortus Healthcare Resources to help you with your hiring, temporary employee management, and onboarding.

Here are a few of the reasons you should partner with a specialized staffing firm in 2014.

  • Understanding of the Industry.
    Healthcare related jobs  have unique requirements Working with a service that does not specialize may mean your needs are not met. As a staffing firm that specializes in healthcare,  Fortus Healthcare Resources  knows what questions to ask you about your facility and the candidates about their experience. Our recruiters are experts in the levels of experience, education requirements, and the demands of  particular jobs.
  • Deeper Pool of Candidates.
    Fortus has a deep and vast pool of pre-screened candidates available for assignments. 100 percent of the candidates in our database are trained healthcare employees available to contact for open positions. A general employment staffing firm can’t make that claim.
  • Can Cast a Wider Net.
    As a specialized staffing service, Fortus has deep connections within the industry. This means that our resources for recruiting additional candidates are extensive.   focused on medical professionals and we can use that network to help your company grow and thrive.
  • Customer Service Mindset.
    A specialized staffing company is in the business of making your facility run smoothly. Fortus is dedicated to making sure you have the best possible customer service experience. We recognize that you want to focus on the business of providing the best possible healthcare services to your patients, so let us focus on the business of hiring qualified candidates.

Are you looking for a dedicated and specialized healthcare staffing partner in 2014? Contact Fortus Healthcare to learn more about our services.

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