Working with a recruiter from The Fortus Group can open up doors of opportunity that you never knew existed. Most nurses today fall into one of the following categories: Content with their current position, actively looking for a career change, or keeping their options open even if it’s a passive job search. Which one are you? Regardless of your position you should always have a backup plan, as change is inevitable.  Please consider the following….

  1. The ratio of applications to job openings in this country is perhaps at its highest level ever.  Companies are looking for ways to find candidates who stand out.
  2. More than ever, companies want to make sure that they’re hiring the best candidates possible, and hiring managers are more likely to trust the referral of somebody they already know.

While the advantages of networking are well documented and it’s highly recommended that everybody—regardless of their career standing—should continuously network, “who you know” also extends to executive recruiters

The Fortus Group has been helping the needs and wants of the medical industry for more than 20 years. Our experienced staff are experts that provide consistent value to our clients in the form of top-notch candidates. We are the type of recruiter that hiring managers trust the most and our reputation and proven track record of success is well documented in the dialysis industry.

Having a recruiter who works with The Fortus Group is an invaluable tool. Who doesn’t WANT to know what to expect? When you know beforehand what you’re getting yourself into, you tend to be more relaxed and confident. The Fortus Group always helps to prepare you for interviews.  Our recruiters have the advantage of offering insight on opportunities that is not commonly disclosed including:

  • The details and the specifics of the job opening
  • The company itself, including its history, its work environment, and its culture
  • The hiring managers who will be interviewing you (and hopefully extending an offer of employment)

While WHAT you know is certainly important, the statement above plainly shows why WHO you know is even more important, and connecting with the Fortus Group can help open doors to opportunity and put you on the fast track to career success and advancement. Still unsure? Have a question for our recruiters? Post your questions, email or tweet @FortusResources.


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