Any traveler, having been traveling for years, or out on their very first assignment, would agree that one of the hardest things about being on the road is spending so much time away from friends and loved ones at home. As can be expected, this difficulty often increases during the holiday season. So how can you make your home away from home feel jollier this time of year? Fortus has some tips…


Don’t give up old traditions… what have you always done in your hometown for the holidays? While you may not be able to pick out a Christmas tree with your father or light the menorah with your cousins, you can still set up the decorations on Black Friday while playing to the same music you grew up listening to with your family. Find the little things that you can still do on the road by yourself, or with new friends.


…but do make some new ones! Maybe you pick up a new holiday decoration from every city you travel to, or bake Christmas cookies for your current clinic every year. Start an “on the road” tradition that will help keep some holiday consistency in your otherwise unpredictable life.


Take advantage of being on the road. The good thing about being away is you’ll have the best source of gifts! Find your loved ones something they can’t get at home. It will make you feel closer, and give you that warm fuzzy feeling when it’s the gift your loved one shows off at every given chance.


Just because you’re on the road, and away from your loved ones, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays. Keep in touch with your family, send holiday cards, shop in new stores, spend time with your NEW friends and decorate your living quarters!

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