“As a Travel employee, our company will do everything in our power to fit your individual accommodation needs. Whether it be housing, a rental car, or transportation to and from assignments, Fortus Group Travel is 100% dedicated to making things as simple and stress free as possible. Recruiters are always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. In the unlikely event that they are not, our Service Excellence Team or Quality Manager will ensure that you are happy and comfortable in your home-away- from home.”

This sounds almost too good to be true, right? You see this message in the “additional information” box of all of our travel job opportunities, and you probably ignore it, or are at least a little bit skeptical. Well it’s true. Our Quality Manager Tracey works night and day to ensure that the needs of every traveler are met. The hardest thing to accommodate, she says, is people who want to bring their pets with them on assignments. “We always accommodate here,” she tells us. “No matter what the request is, we always find a way to make it happen.”

She will find your temporary housing, book your flight, rent you a car. In most cases we pay for these things, or compensate! She will map out exactly how to get from Point A, whether you are leaving from a house or airport, to point B, your new home. Extensive research goes into finding such things, especially the temporary housing. We stay true to our policy that “We wouldn’t put you anywhere that we would not want to stay ourselves.” If you don’t like where you’re staying? She’ll find you somewhere else.  Tracey will tell you where, when and how to renew your license or take certain certification classes or tests. If you need an answer about something, she will find it. On top of that, she keeps records of all the nurses who travel with us, which comes in handy when a nurse travels and can’t find his or her paperwork.

How many staffing agencies have you worked for who would do the same? Sharing an office with Tracey has been an eye-opening experience to the things this company, Fortus Healthcare Resources, does to ensure that our travelers are happy, safe, and cared for. If you want an employer who does the same, apply with us today and join the Fortus family!

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