The market is as competitive as ever for travel nurses. One of the most common questions is: How do you stay ahead of the competition? Many travel nurses want to know what they can do to give themselves the best shot at getting that travel assignment. Assignments can sometimes be few and far between. How can you guarantee you’ll get the coveted first call from your recruiter? Here are some tips from The Fortus Group…

 1. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: Stay on top of your recruiter and make sure all the agencies you’re working with are fully aware when you’re ready to go on your next assignment. Let them know the date your current contract ends, and your targeted date for a next travel assignment. Check in once a week to make sure you’re staying at the top of their radar.


2. HAVE YOUR FILES IN ORDER:  Ask your recruiter what is needed to either update or complete your file. Make sure your recruiter has your most up to date references, resume, and skills checklist so that when something comes up, this won’t delay in your submission.


3. GET THE CREDENTIALING DONE: No doubt the most frustrating part of traveling, but by far one of the most important, especially if you’re looking for a quick start. You can only start an assignment as soon as your credentialing is in, so don’t hesitate! This shows that you’re serious and dedicated to the company and getting an assignment, and will guarantee that you won’t be lost in the shuffle.


4. FOCUS ON YOUR INTERVIEW: In more cases than not its first come first served for travel assignments, but with the abundance of travel nurses you may find yourself up against competition, and in these cases you really need to nail the interview. Show your personality, and really try to click with your interviewer. Explain why you’re the most qualified, and why you’re dying to come to their clinic or that area. Be CONFIDENT in yourself and your abilities, without being arrogant.


5. GET READY TO GO: If you’re really serious about going and want to start quickly, DON”T HESITATE! As many Fortus Travelers go, you could very well be asked to start within a few days of the interview. Make sure you’re affairs are in order if you’re telling your recruiter you can start as soon as possible.


6. SIGN THAT CONTRACT!! With Fortus Travel, it’s required that our contracts be signed with 24 hours of verbally accepting the position. Many companies have similar policies. DON’T take this lightly…we have had many travel techs and nurses miss out on opportunities by not signing the contract as soon as it’s received. Clients need the committal within that timeframe. It’s not a joke!


7. ANSWER THE PHONE: Seems like a simple premise, but many nurses and techs miss out on openings because they take their time calling their recruiter back. Travel assignments are a ticking clock, and you don’t want to miss out on that perfect contract because you didn’t answer or call back.

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