Any experienced traveler can tell you that every assignment is different. There are different people, different atmospheres, and different ways of operating. What any experienced traveler can also tell you is that while many facilities have wonderful coworkers and great management, there are also those facilities that are not as perfect. Whether it is coming from management or on the floor, there are assignments where there is a great deal of negativity in the workplace. Perhaps the manager is upset that they had to get a traveler in the first place, and isn’t the nicest. Or it could be a co-worker that isn’t happy about having a new face, or is even on a power-trip. Whatever the reason, whatever way it is coming across,  negativity can really affect a travelers view of an assignment, and even make it completely uncomfortable to go to work on a daily basis. How can you deal with the job when things get difficult? Fortus Healthcare Resources has tried to come up with some helpful hints to make those thirteen weeks more tolerable.


• Know your support system: Your recruiters are available 24/7 for a reason! If the problem is something that your recruiter can try to rectify, call them! No one wants your assignment to be comfortable more than your recruiter, even if you just need a rant about a rough day at the work place.


• Find SomethingThat Makes You Smile: You make work a lot, but you do not work all the time. Find something to do after work that relieves the stress. Get out and do something, or stay in! Go see a funny movie, or sit down and enjoy one of your favorite shows. Relax and reset. Need ideas? See Fortus Healthcare Resources’ article Keeping Busy on Assignment.


• Keep Working Hard: It can be tempting when your coworkers are being difficult to simply sit back and put forth 50%, but don’t let that be you. Consider difficult assignments a challenge, a chance to prove yourself and your skills. Working hard does nothing but prove you to everyone, including yourself.


• Remember What You’re There For: A traveler is hired to help the facility in a time of need. No matter how lousy a support system may be at any given facility, do nott forget that you were hired for a reason, and that reason is to jump right in and lend a helping hand.


• And don’t forget… You are only there for a short period of time! No matter how stressful the Negative Nancies can make your assignment, you will be gone before long, and remember, every assignment is different!

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