As a traveler there is a word that you hear constantly:  “Marketability”. Recruiters and hiring authorities love very marketable travelers – since it makes everyone’s (including the traveler!) job easier. Travel recruiters can talk up and down about how “marketable” a traveler is to any client, but what does it all really mean? And how can you, as a traveler, become marketable to managers and hiring authorities? To be put simply, being a marketable traveler means that you can be easily placed on an assignment. A few things affect your marketability:


   1. Experience. Travelers are a temporary band-aid for a client. Hiring authorities are looking for a nurse that can come in, have a quick orientation, and immediately jump to work. The more recent experience in a given specialty a traveler has, the more likely it is that a manager will be interested.


   2. Licenses. Where are you licensed to take on an assignment? When a traveler is only licensed in one or two states, especially if those states are not typically in demand of travelers, it becomes very difficult for a travel company to be able to deliver on an assignment when needed. Travelers who take the time to look into different licenses and try to get a few different ones under their belt become immensely easier to place. Some of the states that are often in demand of travelers are the bigger ones: California, Texas, New York, etc. As these states typically take awhile to get licensed in, Fortus Group Travel recommends starting early if these are states you think you may want to travel to in the future! Have licensing questions? Give your Fortus Group Travel recruiter a call, and we’ll be happy to help you through the process!


   3. Flexibility. Every traveler has certain necessities for an assignment to be the right fit – be it the hours, the type of position, location, and no travel recruiter would want you to take an assignment you were not comfortable with. However, before turning down an opportunity point blank, consider the reasons why. Are the reasons why you initially want to say no really worth turning down a possible assignment? If they are, wait for an assignment that better fits you. But if not – if it’s in an area you’ve never considered and are hesitant, or if maybe certain job specs make you wary, consider giving it a shot. Taking risks may end up paying off in the long run! And always remember – the perfect assignment may not come along every time, but it’s only temporary!


   4. Credentialing. It’s always a pain to begin the sign-on process with any new company, but we cannot express the importance of completing your credentialing information. Seasoned travelers know to keep important documents, such as immunization records and licenses handy for new companies. Keeping your information up to date is a flag to your recruiters that you are serious in wanting to know about travel assignments through their company. So don’t procrastinate –even taking moves such as sending in a resume and skills checklist after talking to your recruiter shows dedication and puts a notice to the recruiter for you to be on their radar.


Becoming a marketable traveler is not a difficult goal to achieve. It takes a bit of time and dedication, but any traveler that has taken measures to enhance their marketability will reap the rewards. It’s a new year, a new you, and it’s your travel career – make the most of it!

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