Are you considering a career as a traveling nurse? It is important to understand all the potential benefits and disadvantages to the lifestyle as you plan the next stage of your career. One particularly essential consideration is the salary. Here is some information about travel nursing and considerations about the salary in the United States.

  • What exactly does a travel nurse do?
    A traveling nurse has an opportunity to work in different facilities all over the country. These can be anything from hospitals to cruise ships. A travel nurse is responsible for a number of duties and needs to be able multi task.  Often they will need to be able to start a project with little to no training. Travel nurses typically work for agencies responsible for this type of contingent placement.
  • What does a travel nurse make?
    The average nursing salary in the U.S. is more than $67,000 annually. This is due to the high demand for skills and experience along with flexibility to travel and learn new situations. Many services that provide nurse staffing offer bonuses for completing a contract  which varies based on the opportunity and location. California and Massachusetts are currently at the top of the pay scale for experienced travel nurses. Someone just entering the field can expect a beginning rate closer to $30 per hour.
  • What benefits can travel nurses expect?
    Besides the salary and completion bonus, many services who staff travel nurses also offer a verity of additional benefits. These can include dental and travel insurance, a per diem for food and lodging, and information about the location where the nurse will be living while on the assignment.
  • How can you negotiate for your salary?
    Before applying to agencies that specialize in this type of placement do some research about the industry. Understand what these positions pay in your area. Spend some time evaluating your experience to provide some concrete examples for the service. Talk to them about the benefits and bonuses they offer before determining a salary that you are willing to accept.

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