Travel Nursing is a rewarding experience that allows you the opportunity to experience new places and people along the way. If you’re thinking about pursuing travel nursing there are some things that are helpful to know about packing for your time away from home. Below are a few things to keep in mind when you’re packing for your next assignment.

  • Household Items.
    It is important to have your temporary housing feel like home. Remember to pack all of the essentials including bedding and blankets, towels, cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishes and glasses, a coffee maker, an umbrella, and a flashlight with extra batteries. Consider including some additional comfort items such as a favorite photograph or a few books to have on hand.
  • Electronics.
    It is hard to imagine how we ever got along without smart phones. Make sure that you have an alarm clock, a phone, a camera, and an mp3 player for your music, in many cases, your cell phone will serve all of these functions for you.. Be sure to bring speakers or headphones as well. You’ll want to consider having your laptop computer with you in order to access websites in a non-mobile format as needed or to conduct any other work.
  • Clothing.
    Of course you will need to bring whatever uniforms your facility requires, but you won’t be working all the time. Remember to pack some additional outfits such asa nice dress or sports coat for evening events and casual attire for going out during the day. Bring clothes to go to the gym and don’t forget your swimsuit. A bathrobe for maximum comfort in your temporary home is also a great idea!  It is also a smart idea to pack the right shoes for the weather, along with coats or sweaters.
  • Work and Personal Items.
    There will be a few other items you will need for your new job. Don’t forget the company’s safety and training manual, your agreement, licenses and credentials, time cards, and anything else that your travel company requires. You will also want additional documentation such as your driver’s license, social security card, passport, and birth certificate. You may want to invest in a portable safe that will be easy to keep these things locked up. Once you have these items packed, you’re ready to hit your traveling nurse adventure!

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