All work and no play can, indeed, make anyone’s workday extremely dull. There is a place for levity and fun in the office, but there is a right way and a wrong way to make it happen. Interjecting the right humor into your communications can keep you happy and motivated. If you want to use your humor to bring a little fun into your office, consider these four tips to help lighten up the day.

  • Keep it clean.
    While it seems like this should be the case, it may not be so obvious to everyone to keep the jokes rated PG for the office. It is difficult to gauge the comfort level of everyone around the office, so the dirty jokes are best left for close friends and family. Discriminatory jokes of any sort should be avoided. The intention is not to offend anyone but to make them laugh.
  • Use humor to lift people up not put them down.
    No one wants to be the sole focus of the joke. When telling jokes, or being the office funny guy or girl, you should recognize this one simple truth. Jokes intended to hurt people’s feelings often actually hurt people’s feelings. Even jokes considered harmless, like the classic “Blonde” joke, can be extremely hurtful. Instead, use humor to make people feel good about themselves and their job.
  • Use humor to make people comfortable, not awkward.
    We’ve all been in this situation: a comedian recounts a story they find absolutely hilarious while the audience actually finds the joke uncomfortable and either laughs politely or squirms in their seats. Humor should break the ice and lighten the mood, not make people wish they weren’t in the same room.
  • Sarcasm is good in the right ways.
    Sarcasm is almost innately bred into Generation X, so it is easy to fall into the habit of responding to situations in this way. Sarcasm is best used as a response to someone else and timing is generally the most important factor. You don’t need to make someone feel bad, but it is a good way to point out errors in their judgment or statement. It can be a funny way to draw attention to mistakes in communication.

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